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Rats In The Harbour


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Hi All

Went out in the Harbour last weekend in my brothers tinny whilst my beast is still being built.Headed out with a 3am start to look for some livies.Just as the sun was breaking i had a good hit but no hook up pulled up my squid with only the head missing.Not even a minute later my brothers rod near went in the drink and i had said to him i bet that is what had gone my bait ....he told me i was dreaming :wacko: .After a good fight on very light gear he boated a 69cm King not bad for first of the day.

We headed out to another spot to search for some more livies when we hit a plague of Leather Jackets. In the end i was catching them on the Yaka line with no bait. I threw out the Yaka line one more time as we were going to search out another spot when zzzzzz i was on ..This time it wasnt a LJ.I too was on light gear and fought another king 63cm for around 4 mins just as Garry the coffee man tied off to us to give us our fix for the morning.

Other friends of ours tied up in front of us and had the berly pot out and we were sitting in a great stream when i said to my brother..lets stay here for a bit and i will through out a full squid and see what happens.5 mins passed when zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz i was on this time i had my overhead with 30lb braid and 40lb mono and i was glad as this fish did not seem small.For every meter i gained it took me 10...Several mins had passed when it neared the top water and the cheer from my brother came wooohooo its a f**kn big one..and it sure was ...it was a king and every bit of a meter long and just as its tail broke the water it went back down but this time out the back of the boat.It happened that fast i did not have time to pass the rod to my bro to get me back on track when ssssssnnnnnnnaaaaap gone it had cut me off on the keel of the motor through 40lb braid. ...Ah well such is life i had said but what i really meant was :ranting2: .

We finished the day of went back to the boat ramp cleaned my brothers King and there it was my squids head in its stomach...Great day though cant wait for the season to really start.

Brothers King


My bed hair.


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Its gonna be a good summer for the kingies! WOOOhooooo :yahoo:

Great catch guys, well done. Nice colours on the fish.

Does that bloke make a good coffee or what? ive always wondered.



Hi Musty

Garry makes great coffee hot choc tea ect ...In Winter it is worth more than gold. :beersmile:

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He makes good coffee, but it's a bit pricey. Then again, he has the overheads running an expresso machine and fridge on a small dory, plus his fuel costs.

The cafe at the southern end of the Spit Bridge is good too, and cheaper. Just pull up on the beach at their back door!

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