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Yak Fishing

Michael Hatte

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Hi guys sorry if im bringing up a topic that pops up alot but im looking at buying a kayak to fish offshore and also rivers.

Most of the fishing will be offshore up around Nambucca and Valla beach on the mid north coast, Beach launching and fishing reefs close to shore 500m to 1km out. Soft plastic fishing and trolling live baits will be mostly what i will be fishing.

I was looking at a Prowler 13 this morning, would this sort of kayak be suitable for what i need?

Any help would be great, even some different models that i can go and check out.

Cheers, Michael :beersmile:

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I had a Prowler Elite (very good yak)

I have upgraded to a Stealth BFS (even better. You will not find a better ski thru the surf)

I only fish offshore for kings and reds and luv it

I would never buy a Hobie



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Hi Michael

As you can see, we have dedicated yak fishos on the site who believe they have the best yak out there! :):1prop: I have both a paddle yak & a pedal yak & can only suggest that you try both before you decide on the one to suit you! I must tell you that I don't use the paddle yak much any more tho! ;)

A lot of folk are currently upgrading from Hobie Outbacks/Revolutions to the new Pro Angler ..... so some bargains are to be had if you look in the right places! PM me if you want to know more! :1prop: The ability to hold ground in a current without using a paddle or an anchor (or being blown around by wind) has to be tried to be believed!!

If you go for a paddle yak - make sure you try one with a rudder & without a rudder. It also makes a huge difference!

There are lots of different yaks out there - it is a matter of deciding what will suit your personal preferences!! Just make sure you have tried a wide variety before you choose one - and take your rods with you, to give them a real test at the time. A 4hr 'test' of each yak would be considered reasonable! I spend between 4 & 7hrs on mine regularly!

One of my yak buddies even caught an 80kg marlin from his Revo last year at SWR!

Read about it here....


We will be gathering at SWR at the end of Feb/early March 2010 for another go at them!! :D



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