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Land Based Fishing Spot In Pittwater


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Hi, ive caught a few decent flathead in pittwater.

You can try flicking plastics on the bayview flats, or even baiting off newport wharf for some decent bream or leather jackets.

Hope this helps,

Cheers Young Gun

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Thanks mate,

I tried bayview flats this arvo... the only thing i managed to catch was a stupid dog that run through my line and down the beach with it :ranting2:

Ill try Newy whalf

Must've pulled hard on some light tackle... :1prop:

If you and your old man don't mind a bit of a trek you can walk around the western side of palm beach headland for around 30 min and there are some decent flat rocks to cast from. Its pretty sheltered so no worries about the swell. Have caught a variety of species from there.

Good luck.

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