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Botany Bay


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Hi Raiders,

Just a quick report hit Botany yesterday morning,we were on the water at about 4am,and decided to head out to our favorite spot for a jewie.We threw some livies out,though didnt manage any on the livies.My cousin (mini mistro) managed a tiny soapie of about 35cm's on a plastic,which was released to be caught another day.

It was a cold morning with a slight cold breeze,but once the sun came out it turned out to be a great warm day,on the bay.(water was 14 degrees)

We decided to go chase a few flatties on some soft plastics,but only managed to get 2 and dropped a few.

I had an embarassing day with not even catching one fish,though was just happy enjoying the great weather and company of my cousin and uncle (Bass bulli),with many jokes and laghs,thanks for a great day guys.

I hope to get out there again next weekend and im looking forward to the upcoming social.

Take Care All !!!

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