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The Goons & Early Bill Cosby


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The fishing appears to be a bit quiet at present , so for those looking for a laugh , check these out.

Turn on you speakers , they are worth a listen



The Goons , what time is it


Cosby , Dentist

Cosby , Noah


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Those videos are all good watching Geoff especially the one with the clock, and also the story about Noah and the Arc, not to mention the one with Bill Cosby in the dentists chair that's very funny that one and true to life too :thumbup: ... Talking about dentists Geoff, the one that scared me most of all as a kid was this old dental instructor at the dental hospital who they had to call in, I reckon he had enough of being bitten by kids over the years and I'm sure he was trying to do away with all the uncooperative ones with the ether cloth..... :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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