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Zephyr Boats


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post-6668-1251627310_thumb.jpgHi raiders

Sorry this post was hard to answer, we've got the boat and Im now are able to post a pic.

We have got at a"zephyr" boat, and it seemed ok but I don't rcognise the name let alone their history or the build quality. So I was wondering if any raiders knew anything about them. The only clues I have is there was a South Australian flag on the sticker as part of the name sticker, and it looked similar to an Alison boat, high windscreen and a non raised cuddy cabin. The owner didn't know its history as a brand either.

Any information welcomed




sorry guys I made it hard for you but Im hoping that by posting a pic, that may shead some light on what ive been babbling about. Sorry hoodlum92, I have searched the net and but have not yet found anything like it.

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