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Nz 3 Kings Charter Trip, What Gear Do I Need


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Gday all

Im going to NZ for a charter trip to the 3 kings, Chasing Kingfish mainly.

What gear would you take, If anyone has gone what gear did you take.

were mainly jigging and live baiting for massive kings etc.

I have a Okuma titus Gold 20 with a 6:1 ratio, which im putting on a t curve rod.

Im looking for another combo, but dont want to pay $1000+ for an egg beater. Is there something i should be looking for?

also what braid, and what quantity would you take? How many Jigs, what leader etc.

let me know your thoughts please

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I have a sensational jigging video that was filmed in New Zealand where they caught massive king after king after king. Some looked like they must have tipped the scales at 35kg+ :wacko: They caught the biggest sea bass I have ever seen with estimates going at over 40 kg :1yikes:

The gear they were using was top shelf stuff with overhead reels like Torsas, Ocea jiggers and Blue havens. There were a few Stellas as well.

The rods they used were Jigging Master 250 grams plus models.

Line: PE 5-8 600m minimum better with much more though.

Jigs long Japenese style - zest, jigging master, smith

I personally have a Trinidad 40N which is exactly the same as the ocea jigger but it has a ratchet instead of the spool lock. Awesome reel. Should add this to your list of potential reels

I have matched it up with a custom made spiral wrapped GUSA Hastings blank. Light as a feather and super super strong.

This combo is right up there with the best without the price tag and cost less than $900 with 600 m YGK braid.

Get a copy of the DVD - Heavy metal at the Ranfurly :thumbup: .

It will answer every question that you have and then some in regards to the gear and techniques you will need for the trip.


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mate without spending $1000 bux on an egg beater an saragosa in a 14000 model 0or an 18000 will do the job matched up with a 400 tcurve im looking at heading there next year and i got it on sale at my local a while back the advantage of that combo is the fact that its big enuff to handle most of the fish that u will get over there but like anything u will still lose fish yet it is also small enuff that when u come home it will still be suitable in home conditions

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Mate, Here are a few photos from a trip to the 3 kings from 3 months ago ( not me). As far as I know they supply gear for you. But if you want to buy gear for it. The photos speak for themselves.

PS Dont take a knife to a gun fight........ :074::074::074:






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Minimum 80lb gear!!!

All fish are big there as others have mentioned.

High speed overheads or good quality spinning reels. You don't want to be out of action due to gear quality on the trip of a lifetime.

Pick up you jigs over there with the dollar at 1:1.25 it is in your favour.

Trace supple 100-200lb Black Magic.

Remember you are not allowed to carry spooled reels on the plane in hand luggage, they must be in booked on luggage. The snapper lots over 20lb and trevally are record species there as alternate targets.

I used 3m of 200lb trace tied to a 200lb bearing swivel with a 200lb windon. 9/0 gamagatsu livebait hook

same as I use for marlin. Use the biggest bait you can get-4-5lb trevs work well. The 40lb plus kingies get to be a pest.

bibless lures and rapalas work when moving.

If you are into softies take the biggest you can get your hands on and score the heavy weights for deep fishing.

Depending on where you leave from Auckland is the best bet to stock up otherwise Whangerai is the last big city the will have the gear.

either pm or email me for some contacts for gear before you go.


tight lines


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