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Australian Salmon Recipe


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After catching so many Salmon over the past few months I tried a few different ways of cooking them and this is the recipe or style of cooking I foung the best for this species.

Prepare the fish in the usual way: Bleed immediately on capture. Scale and fillet, removing the skin and blood line completly.

Using a medium sized snap locked bag, put salmon peices into the bag roughly cut into 10 X 5cm peices. Approx 4peices per bag. Enough for an induvidual serve.

Now I add some sauces straight into the bag. The hand brake and I have very different tastes in food so I always make them different.

For me, I add roughly a tablesoon of Hao sing (Chinese cooking wine) but you could use a dash of sherry, or even a white wine of some sort.

1 tablespoon of light soy sauce.

1 table spoon of kekap manis. (Thick sweet soy sauce)

Add about half a teaspoon of minced or crushed ginger. Add to YOUR taste, I love ginger.

Cut a spring onion in half length ways and then into 5-7cm lengths.

Close the bag removing as much air as possible and massage the sauces together coating the fish properly.

In a steamer, place the bag in nice and flat and steam for about 8-10mins or untill cooked through, turning a few times throughout.

I usually just eat this steamed fish with soy and ginger with some steamed rice and seasoned greens.

I lightly steam some beans, or snow peas, then then remove from heat.

Heat some penut or sesame oil, or even butter in a frypan or wok.

Add the freshly steamed beans, a pinch of salt and a little crushed garlic. (I add some fresh chilli too)

Fry on a very hot heat for abot 2 to 3 mins then serve immediately.

Peoples tastes, vary as you know so if trying this recipe or style of cooking put flavors that you know you will like.



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Here's another good recipe Peter for you to try:


3 cups plain flour

2 or 3 whole chilli's (finely chopped and de-seaded)

handful of Basil

handful of oregano or thyme (or both if you so desire)

Sale and Pepper

Some lemon wedges for garnish

Olive Oil


In a large bowl place the 3 cups of plain flour

Add in chopped Basil, Thyme, Oregano and chilli

Add in some salt and pepper (but not too much...)

mix well until the herbs are mixed thoroughly through the flour

dip and coat the fillets

Press any herbs into the flesh without damaging it

Lightly fry until golden brown

add lemon juice from the wedges

Serve with fresh garden salad + home made thin cut chips and a nice flavoured Beer (such as a Coopers Pale Ale)

Not much beats it.

NOTE- Any fish can be done this way, have used same method on Jewfish, Trevally, Snapper, Taylor and Bream. They all taste brilliant doen this way and its quite healthy.

I do have another way using same ingredients but done on BBQ in foil- but thats another one I'll post later

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