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Annual Fishing Closure For Murray Cod And Crayfish

Ken A

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Anglers are reminded that the annual fishing closures for Murray cod and Murray crayfish begin on 1September.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Manager, Fisheries Compliance, Glenn Tritton, said the annual closures covered all waters in NSW.

“The Murray cod closure is for three months until the end of November,” said Mr Tritton.

“This closure protects the Murray cod during their breeding period. During this time, the females attach the eggs to solid objects, such as logs or rocks, and the males remain with the eggs, guarding them until they hatch.

“It is important to this iconic Australian species that they are protected during this time.

“Trout cod, a close relative of the Murray cod, are endangered and remain totally protected all year round.

“The trout cod protection area on the Murray River between Yarrawonga Weir and Tocumwal road bridge is closed to all forms of fishing from September to November.”

The Murray crayfish closure runs from 1 September to 30 April inclusive. This closure was part of new measures introduced in 2002 after extensive community consultation.

“The new closure was introduced to ensure that recreational fishing for crayfish in the lower Murray River catchment remains sustainable,” said Mr Tritton.

“Murray crayfish are the largest freshwater crayfish in NSW, are slow growing and take up to eight years to reach legal size.

“The taking of Murray crayfish from notified trout waters is banned at all times.”

Mr Tritton said it was illegal to catch Murray cod and Murray crayfish during these annual closures.

“Penalties range from on-the-spot fines of $500 to a maximum court fine of $22 000 or six month’s imprisonment or both,” he said.

Information on freshwater fishing rules can be found in the DPI freshwater fishing summary and guide. These are available from NSW DPI Fisheries offices, most places where NSW recreational fishing licences are sold, and on the DPI Fisheries website at www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au.

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