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Has Anyone Got A Jigging Master Pe5 Reel

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  • 2 months later...

have not got one but have read alot about them

very strong well made reels

look in some American jigging/poping forums for lots of info on them

hi mate there is no jigging master pe 5 reel,

there are only pe 4 reel and pe 6 reel. they are great i have cought 30kg in nz on the pe 4 reel

they actually come in 4,5,6


Gear Ratio : 1 :4.0

Gross Weight : 590g

Capacity : PE5-470m

Spool dia.:64mm

Spool width:31mm

Efflcient drag : 35lbs. Max : 60lbs

Color:Silver/Gold=S/G ▪ Gold/Silver=G/S ▪ Gray/Silver=GR/S ▪ Black/Gold=B/G


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