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Botany Bay 11/9/09


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post-571-1252643696_thumb.jpgWent for a spin in the Bay this morning, I found it very slow managed 4 small fish in 3 hours ,tried to fish along the front of Brighton beach but found the lures kept coming up covered in a brown slimy weed that seems to turn up every year so I fished over the Kurnnell side of the Bay there was no weed but it was slow got one good fish it went 69cm and that was it .

Hope you blokes go better in the Bay comp on the weekend

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Good goin' Buster , a nice looking, flattie, I wonder if that is the same snotty algae stuff we get up here from time to time.

Will be down at the bay on Sunday to meet heaps of Raiders, hope some of your model flatties are around..

Congrats mate..

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Once again, a terrific fish mate. We find that 'snot' arrives when the water temp drops below 10 degrees over winter, and disappears after the water temp hits late teens in Summer. It is shocking stuff and virtually unfishable. Like you, when we find our lures coming back with that stuff on it, it's time to move.



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