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Reel Servicing

Evan Spary

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Good Morning All,

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Evan Spary and I work for Daiwa Australia. My duties here include after sales service, reels repairs and spare parts.

We have been keeping an eye on the posts here in this site and there seems to be alot of misinformation in regards to repairs getting around. I will try and give a brief overview on repairs and try to hopefully clear the air.

Generally, reel servicing at Daiwa takes around 2 weeks. This does not include shipping to and from our Sydney warehouse. This time frame has peak periods and at such times, repairs can take up to 3-4 weeks. These peak times generally occur around major holidays Christmas and Easter etc.. When obviously more people are fishing and tackle stores are too busy with general business to cope with repairs themselves.

Servicing to high end reels such as Certates, Saltigas and Airity's etc is a pretty in depth process. These reels are at the fore front of reel technology and require exceptional care to be taken when servicing. Expensive reels also carry expensive parts. The easiest way to think of it would be to compare servicing your Ferrari to getting your Barina serviced.

There also seems to be alot of confusion involving time frames for damage that occurs after salt water intrusion. The time that it has been submerged is the single most important factor. It was simply dropped in and recovered immeditaley you could probably get away with a just a rinse off in freshwater. Though to be safe I would recomend a strip down and clean. Submerged for time frames greater than say a minute (it doesnt take very long for water to find the gaps) the damage can be quite extensive. Any longer, say around half an hour, and you would be looking at some pretty terminal damage. Factor sand into this equation and your reel will not be in a good way at all. Bearings especially suffer from saltwater intrusion the most. Daiwa's CRBB's while being more saltwater resistant and shielded as well, are not water proof. I could be wrong but I do not believe any reel on the market has 'water proof' bearings. To do this is would involve placing a rubber seal on the bearing which would slow its performance quite condsiderably. In effect making a plastic bush more suitable than a bearing.

This is a very brief overview of repairs and I can not impart all the 'tricks of the trade' in a few paragraphs. I will try to keep up to date with the posts here on the website and answer any questions you guys have regarding Daiwa products or services. Please understand that I may not be able to answer all questions immediately but I will try to get to all of them eventually. Remeber your retailer should be your first point of call in regards to new products etc..


Evan Spary

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Your right the price is ludicrous.

Mate i would be asking for a list of replaced components, and make sure you get all the old bearings and components that were replaced back.

To me it sounds like a rip off anyway, glad i dont have any daiwa reels at the moment. :1clap:


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The problem with these public forums is that it has become too easy to discredit the good work of a well established retailer with a few simple keystrokes. It's difficult to remain dispassionate when overcome with emotion, I’m sure I have been there myself. We all want to see the little guy win but it's only fair in a public forum that retailers are given the right of reply.

Personally I think both posts should be locked or pulled. These discussions often appear one sided unless the manufacturer or retailer buckles to public pressure - right, wrong or otherwise.

What if there was a failure in communication between the individual, tackle store or rep over which Daiwa have little or no control.

I wasn't going to originally post but for a number of years now I have had nothing but praise for the Daiwa service team when dealing with them directly. I've qualified my last comment because from my experiences there have been slight delays when waiting on tackle reps or retailers. The issues/delays always seem to be with the intermediaries - a quick call to Daiwa and I’ve often had a reel or parts in a matter of days or they have been made available for pick up at their factory. I even called them last Thurs and had a long chat to someone there about lubrication for bearings (actually I believe it was Evan) and requested a new line roller bearing which I received in the mail today at no cost.

I do feel for you Swoff and would be equally as frustrated in your situation. Not trying to play devils advocate here mate, only trying to be fair.

Hopefully it works out well for all involved.


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This matter should best be dealt with ''offline''. I am not trying to silence a complaint on behalf of my company, nor do i personally believe in anyone not being able to express their opinions. I believe every complaint should be personally attented too. You obviously are very frustrated by your experience with Daiwa.

Our sales rep will try to contact you personally through the store where you purchased the reel. As you can see by the time, it unfortunately will not be done until tommorrow.

I agree with most of what you've said Sami. Evan has every right to reply, infact he's been typing a reply for a good 15 minutes now.

I've experienced decent service from Daiwa in the past, a level which is to be expected from any similar company. I've had a few reels serviced that have taken longer than initially quoted, but I've also had some returned to me in excellent time.

There was no breakdown in communication in this case, rather thay were blatent lies to attept to cover up for not acting sooner and to try to keep me at bay when they hadn't infact dispatched the reel.

This thread has been reviewed by the mods and I've been warned to maintain civility, which is exactly what I will do. I've also stated that what I've written is my views based on my experience, nothing to do with this great site.


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