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Rock Fishing Safety Video


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Hi Everyone,

Maybe this should be added to the previous topic but since it refers to a different media item I thought I might start it as a new topic. Apologies moderators if I've done the wrong thing and please feel free to delete it or move it as a response to the previous one from the Manly Daily.

Most of my fishing over nearly 40 years has been rock fishing. I found this video on the ABC website this morning and it's well worth a look:


The video makes a strong case for mandatory life jackets. As a surfer and one time lifesaver with lots of experience in the water I have a very healthy respect for the ocean. It seems to me that most of the time I hear or read about yet another fatality, I'm saying to myself what on earth were they doing fishing such a dangerous spot in such extreme conditions?

Over my years off the stones, we found that rock ledges that face off into very deep water are the spots where the power of a wave is strongest. Deep water offers bigger fish and more pelagics. Those spots surrounded by offshore reefs such as Long Reef can often be fished at times when you would not think of fishing other ledges. This is particularly so when a big platform like Longy can be pussyfooted. It's surprising what you can catch in shallow water. Such extensive headlands also can offer some protection from certain swells and winds making them a good option in just about any swell or wind direction.

It's worth working out a variety of favoured possies so that you can have a safe alternative to fish on any particular day. Yes, you may find yourself fishing for bream instead of chasing hoodlums but at the end of the day, we go fishing for a feed and for fun. Just the same, there are many days when fishing is out of the question no matter what ledge you try.

No fish is worth your life.


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a very good video and i'll have to agree they should all be wearing life jackets i had no idea so many people that were poor swimmers fished the stones

i still think if your a poor swimmer do'nt go rock fishing even with a life jacket you can still get into trouble

one very important rule for rockfisher people is never fish alone always fish with a mate[some one has to raise the alarm if it all goes pearshaped]

cherrs gary

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