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What Kind Of Boat Would You Buy


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Hi guys I would like to ask peoples opinion on what type of boat the would buy in the 20k price range as I have already mentioned I have just got a juicy payout from my friends at GIO and am now looking to go shopping. What kind of things would you consider vital for a good fishing boat? What kind of things would you not touch with a ten foot fright pole, any help would appreciated.

Ps For those that didnt see my repot in the reports section heres a photo of the old girl may she R.I.P


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A haines signature or original haines hunter 5.5m plus. A good set of stainless rocket launchers is a must as is a live bait tank. Fourstroke motor is preferable. The allison boats are very fisher friendly too but the haines will ride better.

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Do you want to do mainly river/estuary/inshore fishing or are you looking at hitting the blue water? I think the Quintrex/Stacer/Stessl argument is a bit like Ford/Holden... either has its advantages and disadvantages. Don't rush in and get the first one you see.

As Bashir sais, have a good look at fourstrokes over twostrokes.

If you are not going to trailer it... (ie, keep it moored) Keep away from it if it has legs... A shaft driven setup is a much better option (albiet more expensive). Also get a shipwright or a marine surveyor to check it out.


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its all a frame of mind and experience in boats.

as bashir has mentioned haines haines haines its because thats what he has and is happy with it.

mine is a custom made 5.2m centrecab (which im selling soon *wink* *wink*) based off a haines hull. and i havent found a flaw in it either, but am upgrading


but there are 1000s of boats worthy a mention.

get a feel for what sort of length you want, if you want a cabin or if you dont mind getting a bit wet for extra room etc etc.

will you be fishing overnight? what extras will you want i.e. game poles etc?

are u comfortable with the ride of an aluminium boat and dont mind a bang or 2 every now and then?

look at boatpoint website, look at the local papers. look at the trading post.

go out and look at some boats maybe even go for a test run, the more you look the more you will think about what you actually want.

as you are buying 2nd hand, make sure you check the boat thoroughly and the motor, for 20k you could get something very nice with a low hrs outboard.

you might be looking at older model boats but they are still solid.

4strokes are good but for that money you would probbaly be gettin an older model boat with a newer motor, around 20k u could find a good package of say a 5m boat with a low hours 2 stroke and that would be more than ample.

all i can say is dont rush out and buy a boat, research as to what you want and go out knowing what you want and dont jump at the first boat you look at.

i know because im looking at the moment.

plus its fun just to look and dream!

Have Fun!


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Thanks for your thoughts guys, when i bought the orginal boat that sank I pretty much fell for every trick in the book. Get Bitten once fool on you get bitten twice fool on me or somthing like that. I have had a glance at Haines signuters etc and they do appeal more and more, how do they handle open water?

I will mainly use my boat trolling round the heads off Sydney but would like a boat thats capable of longer journeys out to the wider grounds on more sutible days, Bashir do you feel the Signiture is capable of doing this safely?

Col thanks for the offer mate but Ive gone of center cabs, I like to stay dry and out of the sun but I would never say never so feel free to P.M some info, photos, and asking price if you like. A four stroke would be lovely but Im not fixated on it, essiantials for me are a sound engine obviously, a very solid newish hull, I belive old hulls are a bit of a lottery and would be reluctant to go down that path again and self draining deck would be very desirable. I havent had a lot of experince with aliminum but find it attractive after banging my previous boat into the dock a few times.

Thanks for the input guys

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G'day Phil, we have a Haines Signature and they are a wicked boat, and we can cruise at around 20knots in open water and it can be really choppy as well (in saying that, my Dads a nutter) but yeah they are wicked boats.

Good luck mate :thumbup:

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Guest MarkD


Its certainly not a bad dilemma to have. My only advice would be to get an inspection done. I did'nt for my first boat and the engine disintigrated under the Harbour Bridge...I did get one for my second and sold it for a profit after 18 months use.



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We have a signature 630f and its definately an offshore boat. Handles the rough stuff fine. You won't go wrong with a hull designed by John Haines. I reccomended them because I have been in a few. Not gonna reccomend something I know jack about. Look at something with a bit of a deep v to it. The signatures have the best of both worlds, they have a deep v, but because of the variable deadrise they are very stable too. :thumbup: For $20000 you could get a decent Signature 493f without too much effort. The bigger signatures are a lot more money.

A signature is an expensive option really. Other brands that you could pick up cheaper and newer are:





I would be confident buying a boat from any of those manufacturers.

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Thanks for the advice bashir I do like the look of 492 and could pick up a very late model with the doe I have. Mark, I know exactly what you mean but I can do one better, I did get an inspection for my last boat which said the boat was a good buy and great value.

Then the boat broke down in the middle of the ferry channel and we swapped a lick of paint with a jet cat. I found out through investigation that the inspector was actually mates with the seller and had done a deal inorder to get a sale only i could have had luck like that, but anyway. Like I said if theres a mistake to be made when buying a boat Ive made it.

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