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Taking Your Son Fishing


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Nice fish there boy''s

Don''t you love it and hate it when they do that to you

I''ve taken my two daughters fishing and they have NO real interest in fishing (maybe they were AI without me knowing or someone had it in for me :nana: )

And they have cleaned me up a lot of times

Good luck to the kids


PS There bigger than what I''ve ever caught

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My job is to tie knots, catch bait, clean fish and then cook.But would I change anything, absoulutley not.

We have travelled a lot and lived in some good places for fishing so they have all caught good fish. Sometimes the fish of the trip.

They are all older now and they are more into sport, mates, girls etc... but every now and again they go fishing

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G`day Fellas ,

C`mon Pop , I wanna go fishing.

" Ok , The deal is you bait your own hooks and land your own fish " OK".

:-rod :-rod :D:D :fisho: :fisho: :fisho: :fisho:

She did all that and of course while we were all having a cuppa , dragged an enormous whiting from the lagoon , that attracted a large crowd.

And what did she do with it?, why kissed it and let it go of couse!.


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There's nothing like fishing with your kids. The little bloke loves his bream spinning, hasn't got the casting bit yet, but once the lure is in the water, he can retrieve it with out a problem. The below picture is a gold coast bream he caught last year. After I cast the lure, I handed the rod to him and he did the rest :thumbsup:


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