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Cameron/jewytim/the Outboard/the Water Police


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Well fellow lunatic fisherman, we were headed out last night to attack the fish on the reef off whale beach(we had not fished here before but after reading about it in the forum we thought after a brief discussion lets give it ago.

We arranged to meet at Patonga ramp at 6pm and were to go out in Camerons vessel, i had not seen it before and when i saw it it was magnificent, couldnt wait to get out there.

So we put the boat in and headed out round Barrenjoey and south to north head of whale beach went about 200m out and decided to anchor up. Got the hooks baited and dropped the lines. (Now it was very lumpy with a confused swell of about 1.5 metres). Well 1 min later i had a good thump and 5 min later i had a massive stinking ray shark on and i cut the line. Cameron proceeded to nail one too!!. Now you all know that when you are feeling sick you try and keep it a secret as long as you can hoping the other person will admit too it first hopefully and say lets move... Well after 30 min i could not hold on any longer and said lets go back inside. Cameron agreed with no argument whatsoever. (We were catching slimy and small tailor and there seemed to be plenty of fish)

Well Cameron went to start the motor and nothing i looked at him he looked at me and he tried again... nothing, now im thinking of a whole night stuck outside with sea sickness not good. So Cam decided to phone home and get his wife to phone the water police to assist, 15 minutes later we had a call from them as Cam said hello he proceeded to add some berley to the sea over the edge.... he was sick too. They said they would be 30 min to 45 min so we sat and waited taking it in turns heaving over the side. After about 15 min Cam got another call from the police they were down at the rocks off north whale beach aswell as they were concerned with the anchor holding and wanted to know the latest , so we told them it seemed to be but the nor easterly was picking up. Well the police boat arrived on schedule and towed us back to patonga reef.

Now i must say they were absolutely fantastic, not only being there to help but showing genuine concern about us being ill, and the fact they had the forsight to be at the rocks just in case was just amazing, i know we didnt need them there but if something went wrong with that anchor they were there to save us. We will write a letter thanking them they really were great.

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I must say thanks to Cameron, even though it seemed to go all wrong i really apprecited the opportunity to go out with him and it was just bad luck we all have that from time to time. (many thanks) cam and talk soon...

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yeagh thanks guys and at the end of the day it was the mobile that saved us as the two way got stuck on a channel . So for everyone out there remember the mobile and youll be ok.. and safe knowing that the water police will be there for you when needed.

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Have not had time to go trouble shooting at this stage as I have had two fishing trips since then (beach and rock), but suspect perhaps a solenoid, fuse or maybe just a dirty contact somewhere. After Friday night, anyone knocking the Water Police will qualify for an argument with me. Their service was outstanding. They even sent a squad car to keep an eye on us from North Whale headland.

Hope to see on May 7.


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