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Moruya River


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Just home from two days at Moruya. Flathead were scarce this trip - only landed 5 keepers plus a Tailer and 4 Trevally. River was full of small red bream and leather jackets. I went thru 25 soft plastics all shredded by small toothy fish.

Larger boat going outside were coming with reasonable bags of snapper, morwong and a few kingies and sand flathead.

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Well done grandpop, nice haul.

I fish the river twice a year and still have never done extremely well. My in laws have a house down there I get down there normally at xmas time and june/july.

Were you in a boat?

Did you get them all on SP?

Were you near the mouth or further up the river?

Any help would be appreciated, as my in-laws are beginning to wonder why I keep persisting with bringing my fishing gear. :1prop::1fishing1:



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I reckon there is a few better spots down that way than Moruya. Try the Tomago river if you get a chance, good nipper banks at the mouth and some big flatties in their. Also a very goog Blackfish spot. Right up the river it gets deeper and a few leases are up there. EP's are up there as well.

Very shallow in spots but worth the effort, at least it was a few years ago when I lived their. :1clap:

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