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Tokyo Bay Suzuki (Seabass)


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I know this is not in Sydney but i though i might share just in case anyone was interested in fishing in Japan.

This is my Pb for Tokyo bay Seabass.

Caught 18 that day, from 40 to 75cm.

It was the begining of April (3rd?) 2010. The water was boiling with them. Havent had that much fun in a long time!

When they went deep were we getting them on light 30-60g jigs and when they were near the surface they would smash just about anything (i found freshwater bigmouth bass lures very effective). Even right up to the edge of the boat! One of the guys even tried to get them on fly but the wind was coming from the wrong direction.

That morning was dead calm and flat but the fish were not biting, as soon as the wind picked up it was on for young and old!

I have more pics, but that one sums it up. Geezus im pulling an ugly head in it though.

Looks like ive missed out on all the kingies now that im back home, but i hope i can find one or two before it gets too cold.

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Looks like a great fish mate! do they pull hard?

Like anything that loves hiding in structure you need to find the right balance between using the lightest gear possible as well as being able to keep them out of anything they can bust you off on, but we were lucky that day and they mostly ran straight under the boat which made our job easier. Once they reaslised that wasnt the best place for them they started putting up a good fight! tonnes of fun.

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