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Charter Boat In Botany Bay

dave sims

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I've also been on Scotty Lyons' fishing charter in Botany Bay. It was fantastic, I learned a lot. We caught Trevally, Bream, Salmon, Fathead, Flounder all in the one day. I also did his fishing school which includes an evening class before spending a day in the bay. Highly recommended.

Cost information is on his website:


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G'day Postie,

There's a dvd you can get pretty easily at tackle shops featuring Scotty Lyons in Botany Bay if you're interested. From memory it's called 'A Day on the Bay' or something like that. It would give you a bit of an appetite enhancer :biggrin2:

Scotty really is THE guy for charters in Botany Bay.

All his contact details are here

Cheers, Slinky

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