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Caught At Browns



Caught this at browns whilest cubing have no idea what species of fish this is?

i have taken a picture to fish and dive at taren point they couldnt tell me what it was they rung Bill Heaton and he wasnt sure without seeing it, ive been told its a rare juvenile louvar fish or a rays bream. can anyone confirm this?

cheers mike



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G'day mate. I never heard of Ray's Bream before.

I guess that you were bottom bouncing but just in case.

Was it on the Bottom or the surface?

Were you chasing BLue eye?

Looks like a cross between a John dory and a sweep.

Hi Citypainter, we were cubing and the fish was caught on the surface at about 8.30pm. It was the only fish we caught that night and when it came up it had glowing red eyes.

Cheers Mike

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Its amazing just how many different species of fish are caught by fishraiders.

Did you measure or weigh it. Either way you should submit it to the records section.

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