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Beach Fishing At Maroubra


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Hi guys. I went for one quick fishing trip while on holidays in June. We didn't catch anything, but I was hooked. When I got back home I picked up a second hand surf rod and reel and started reading anything relevant I could find on the net. I've caught one flathead so far out of six trips. I'm targeting tailor, salmon and flathead. So far I've been getting to the beach about 5am and fishing through until just after sunrise, but I'm happy to go in the evenings as well. It'd be good to tag along with someone who's got a bit more experience than me to try to pick up some tips. Here's my details:

Your name: Alan

Your Location: Canterbury

Fishing technique: Surf Fishing

Availability: Most mornings, some evenings

Preferred location: Maroubra

Provide your own gear? Yes

Provide your own boat? NA



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G'Day Alan, last light of an arvo and up till 9 or 10pm I reckon is the best time for Taylor and Salmon, but you should get flatties right through the day and night time, among other species like Bream, Jewies and Whiting.

I'd be happy to come along one night I dont fish the 'bra very often though, as its a long way from the Nth Shore where I live, but I have fished it before

If you fish tides like I do then you have a better chance of getting fish in general, a couple of hours before and after a high tide or low tide works best for me personally and I like to use berley even in the surf, a mix of pillies cubed into chunks, fish frames and offcuts, and bread I find keep the fish in the area.

I usually fish night a few days prior and after the full and new moons I think it is more productive these times, and when there is a rapid increase or decrease in Barometric Pressure.

Best baits I reckon on the beaches are the following:

Mullet slabs


Beach Worms


Slimey mackerel

The hardest part is finding a gutter on any beach, but I fish areas where the sand meets reef or where there is a big headland in the corner- the fish will often sit in this area (depending on the wave activity) and ambush a likely feed.

Shoot me a PM with your number and next time Im going out that way I'll give you a holler

Tight lines



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