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Well.......didn't get out the heads for a fish Sunday due to the swell, but wet a line nonetheless. Mate call late Saturday night and gave me the bad news, but woke up Sunday and thought I would head out for a fish anyway. Got to some rocks in the harbour and came up with this flattie after about an hour of casting a range of lures into a nice strong headwind. Last lure selection, thought I would chuck out a slug. Depth off the rocks was about 15 feet and sandy with scattered weed patches. Cast out, let it hit the bottom ready to work it up through the water column and along the surface. Started to retrieve when I felt some weight then a few head shakes. Put up a short but decent fight. Measured 49cm and 866gm. Decided on the drive home to grab a dozen oysters, 500gm of banana prawns and some Salmon and Kingfish sashimi to go with my soon to be pan-fried flattie. Best Sunday lunch in a while.

Good fishing,


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There a real nice eating fish at that size, well done. There are a lot of post lately with raiders catching small to very large Flathead.It looks like it will be a top season for the table fish and the enjoy, catch, photo and RELEASE the big ladies.

Regards Jeff

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