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Offshore Fishing


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Your name: Nathan

Your Location:Sutherland Shire

Fishing technique: Snapper and Kingies/anything larger than bream and whiting

Availability: Weekends only

Preferred location: Off Botany/Cronulla

Provide your own gear? Have some gear but need instruction on what gear i need for offshore fishing, my gear is nearly all estuary gear

Provide your own boat? I have a half cabin (16 foot bonito craft 90hp Johnson)

Hi all i am a keen fisherman, i have my own boat however not too sure if its suitable for the kind of fishing i'd like to do..I normally stay in the rivers round home catching bream,whiting,flathead and blue swimmers but have been on a few flathead drifts offshore lately to no avail, i would love to catch something larger than what im used to.

Im happy to join any trip leaving from anywhere in sydney, I dont get sea sick i have done many weeks to sea on tug boats and doing boat deliveries many years ago(used to work for Lewis tugs and Barges and Bass and Flinders cruises for 12 yrs), i am happy to chip in for fuel/bait and would appreciate if someone could give me an opportunity to go out with them on a weekend fishing trip and show me how to catch the above mentioned fish or anything larger than Bream.....



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Hey Mike,

What about me ya bugger.. Left me for another bloke have ya!!! :1gun2:

I was gunna put my hand up and offer to take him out but I know he is in great hands with you.

Actually I still owe you a trip in mine so maybe we could kill two birds with one stone.


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