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Favoured Conditions For Fishing The Rocks?


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Just wondering if anyone has preferences for the wind, swell and the moon cycle for fishing off the rocks?

I've noticed that it'll rarely be a quiet one if swells are around 2m, not sure what to think about the other factors

a bit of swell isnt too bad its just the wind i hate, unless its over your shoulder..:1fishing1:

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it realy depends on the target fish your after but for the surface smashers like tailor sambo's and kings bonito and so on

you need to be there before dawn and start fishing as soon as dawn breaks a hight tide around 7.30 would be ideal and it pritty well is all over by 9.30 10.00

i used to fish off the point at palm beach the joey and it went like this

big gar fish for bait with 4x 5 0 gang hooks cast out past the washes and retreve slowly the tailor were on till the sun came up and then we would use the tailor as live bait for unstopable kings always fun getting your nukels rapped by an alvey regarding the swell we never fished in anything bigger than 1.5 meters and reely need to know your spot well

the moon faze i never worryed about unless targeting jew at night cheers gary

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Awesome! Thanks Gary!

Yeah I do the morning session 6-9am at whale beach and have seen the garfish on gang hooks pulling up kings and salmon before.

I'm thinking they should take garfish size lures too then right? I've got myself some 18cm pencils to chuck for this season.

For some reason whenever I bring bait, it turns into a super quiet day where no one will catch anything! So I only trust lures =]

Ya also like when the wind is helping me cast!

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It really depends on the area you are fishing in. For me personally I like the swell to be no more then 1 metre. Winds around 5-6 knots in which would be blowing from behind my shoulders. Nice steady tide, so not like 1.8m tides with a drop to 0.5m. No rain, I would rather be sunburnt then wet. hehe.

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