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Downrigging Kingfish?


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Hey guys,

I have owned a downrigger for a while now but i have only just got an engine that doesnt stall in low revs so im keen to learn the ropes.

I know how to catch bait, how to rig, how to setup rod etc but i am unsure about the exact areas to fish.

I usually launch from rose bay and catch my bait around there. i can only fish the heads in really good weather.

What are some typical runs that you guys do around middle head, wedding cakes, etc? i have never fished middle head so some locators would be helpful. also what depth do you run your downrigger and how far back?

also if anybody has any good combinations to try, i.e. downrigged yakka, x-rap, metal slice, christmass tree etc it would be helpful.

thanks guys,

Tight lines. Dave

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hey dave i'm fairly new to down rigging also but have had hookups every time so far i mainly downrigg the areas that i know well from trolling lures the gap and north and south heads

i have a chart plotter witch is a very handy tool so there is no surprises with fouling up the lead weight

i always start with fresh squid on one and live yakks on the uther and usuly find the bait on the sounder and work that area well

to be honest i prefer to drive as finding the fish on the sounder and getting a hookup gives me a big a buss i usuly only fight a fish if we have a double

had a crack with lures testerday at longreef in 50 meters :1yikes: near the fad witch is not there yet with little joy all under size fish but its a learning curb that i'm going to work on

cheers gary

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