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Things To See On The Harbour


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Hi Raiders,

saw these two keen kyakers chasing a bucks party boat with a topless waiter

(i have digitally added a pasty over the exposed nipple so knowone is offened :biggrin2: )

Had my cousin over form Adelaide, and promised to put him onta a kingfish.....

we went outside the heads and got squidded on a our live baits, and he missed his only hit.

While I was watching him drop his fish, i left my jig dangling mid water for at least a minute without movement.

When i pulled it up, it has a 45cm kingfih on it. It was my smallest king to date, almost as big as the jig

so i took a photo and let him go.

Only got another rat on a jig - it went 55cm

We tried all over the harbour for zero kings with squid and yakkas.

Finally got a strike on a whole squid head, but it didnt bust the rubber band on the downrigger on the strike.

So i busted the band and passed him the rod, the salmon must of made a last ditch bid for his freedom,

and got airborne, but on 80lb braid on a 15kg outfit ( we were only after trophy fish!) there wasnt much of a battle

and he skull dragged in a 50cm salmon - but at least he got his photo with a fish with the harbour bridge in the background

It was great to show a vistor the harbour, he's only ever been here on business, so gave him the grand tour.

Had a ball catching yakkas, throwing metals at the north head salmon hordes, downrigging almost every marker in the harbour

and getting caught in the downpour in the afternoon.

Some times I think we take Sydney fishing for granted.

Today we saw:


Two tall ships

Big Cruise ship arrive

Sunrise over the bridge

Three fanous landmarks (Bridge/Opera House/Kiribilli)

More sailing boats then you could count

Drove the boat into the fish markets for lunch

And saw a stripper on the water

Who needs Adelaides 30lb snapper... Even without catching fish there is so much to see

( and for once Jim77 didnt catch any more or less kings then i did when we were out on the water :biggrin2:

though he did catch yakkas a LOT faster then me with his secret burley mix.... )

Heading out tomorrow rain or shine to have another go.

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