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Question Of Frequencies


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Hi raiders,

Was looking at upgrading my sounder very soon to a hds5 combo....my question is about the 50/200khz vs 83/200khz. I have been told by salesman that the 83/200 transducer will not work correctly when fishing 2-5km offshore, its more of an inshore transducer if you like.

I mainly fish in georges, hacking, botany, but now have a epirb and more safety gear and will venture out further from the bay and hacking, also start using syd harbour and heads, hawkesbury and heads etc. Not planning on going 20km outside in my boat perhaps 2-5km at max.

The 83 is currently on special for 899, so a good deal, but the 50 which i have been told to purchase is 1049. Quite a difference which i dont mind paying if it is the one i should be purchasing.

Explanations of the khz thing would be appreciated too.

Thanks guys


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half right in a way and on paper i guess but honestly we fish anywhewre up to 50fath with the 200hz and only go to 50hz went going resanalby deep 50fath--90fath and 1kw if doing deep deep

2-5km off the coast you should still be in under 15fath so should have any dramas

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