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  1. This has got to be staged. How could they not know how much fuel should be going in? Even a first timer would know......I mean they own a car and it takes a certain amount of time to completely fill their car. I get some people are a little clueless, but cmon, this would have taken 2 - 3 times a complete car refill for what they put in their boat
  2. mii11x


    So I said I traded my ranger, it was a 2.2l 6 speed 4x2 2 door traded povvo pack. Expected delivery of the dmax x terrain is may 2023. I looked at the triton, the gsr roller cover version to be exact and the interior of the Max was much nicer. I've heard rumours that a new triton is on the way possibly using a Nissan engine. I've been told by a few mechanic mates to stay away from Nissan diesel engines
  3. mii11x


    2003 with 160k.....my 2017 ranger had 183k when I traded it June 2022
  4. mii11x


    As I've recently traded my ranger of the same model due to continuous repairing of faults and defects, I should of done the same. I'm guessing "accidental" forgetting of handbrake lever
  5. Considering your application method, that's surprising. A couple of thoughts 1. When you heated the rubber for stretching, it retained heat and reacted with the sika product in some way. 2. The inside face of rubber is too smooth a surface. 3. Maybe use a primer......sika website lists primers on the sika291 product page Consulting the sika website for the product, it states that recommended optimum temperature range for substrate and sealant is 15 - 25 degrees. If boat was out in the sun, the hull would retain a certain degree of heat perhaps, also the heat retained by the rubber moulds when you heated it could adversely effect adhesion properties. In case you didn't check the sika website and I'm positive, by your description of your application/preparation process, you've more or less followed instructions as the sika site outlined. Here is a link for the product anyway. https://aus.sika.com/en/industry/marine/leisure-boats-andyachts/interior-sealing/sikaflex-291.html. When I've used sika on my ally boat for sticking various things, I've just used sika 11fc. As a shop fitter, I use this all the time and always have sausages of it in my ute. I've never bothered to use or purchase a marine specified sika product since I have the 11fc on hand. Let us all know how you got on with it all mate, curious to hear what you discover
  6. I'd be keen for this location. But I'd consider others also
  7. I agree, I put it off for 3 to 4 years. When I updated my MG in 2018 to the xi5 55 gps version, previously had the 2009 MG w55 wireless foot pedal model, I kicked myself for not updating sooner. While I do miss the wireless foot pedal with my old unit, I can live without it due to the spot lock feature alone. Not completely sold on the foot pedal for the xi5 though
  8. Wow, that is way more than what I thought the cost would be. I know the price of ally is kinda up there at the moment, but $1000 to $1200 fitted for a lets say 10mm thick plate at 300mm x 150mm maximum say, even if is was painted to match the hull seems waaaay too steep. My xi5-55sw gps motor cost me $1800 3 years ago and they wanted 2/3 of that price for a plate. I get $2/kg for clean scrap ally extrusion at the moment which works out to be $2000/tonne. $1000 for something that would weigh 2kg maximum seems as though they know what BOAT stands for hey. Mate just fit it up to what you have up front, use stainless washers to pack the motor's mounting plate level if you have to, but I wouldn't be spending $1k on having a dedicated plate fitted. I'd prefer to use that extra money on a sounder upgrade.
  9. I'd say if the spots referred to in a book relate to estuary/river fishing most of us would be in a 3-5m boat say, maybe at maximum of 5.5m boat for this type of fishing. I'm just averaging really. This is what most fishos are using and by what I see when I fish in nsw estuaries from Narooma to Forster
  10. It's not 100% necessary for a plate, when you tighten the mounting plate of your electric it should straighten it out really. To have an ally plate welded on I'm guessing would be around the $300 minimum mark. I'm no expert on the cost though, I'm just taking a guess at what I would expect to pay. Got a picture of the front of your boat man? What electric motor are you planning on fitting?
  11. A diary is a must for having any sort of regularity with successfully landing mulloway. 11 years of records allow me to be more than confident on getting one every trip from the Georges River. Patterns definitely become apparent for all months and seasons of the year in every estuary system. @Green Hornet so far they have eluded me in the Shoalhaven River and the Basin on both lures and baits. Just havnt quite sussed them out in the little time i do get to fish at those 2 locations.....persistence will pay off though
  12. I use a xi5 gps mate - 12v. Bought it in 2019 to replace/upgrade from my 2009 motorguide w55. I've never had any problems with either. Paired with a 120ah amptech agm battery I can use it all day even using spotlock gps. It is mounted on my brooker side console 450 and has no drama pushing it along quite nicely. You will always read more comments with problems rather than praise, that can be said for anything you want to buy. If you want to connect to your sounder, pick MG with lowrance or MK for hummingbird. Hit me up if you have any specific questions
  13. yeah the mesh part floats fine both off a wharf and off the back of my boat mate
  14. This is what I use mate. I can keep 8-10 alive using a good aerator until I am on the boat. Sometimes for about 6 hours if I am heading out early morning and caught the yakkas the night before. At the wharf where I catch my yakkas I drop the meshed part into the water and tie it off. I fill the bucket part with water, drive home and then pick the boat up. On the boat I again drop the mesh part off the back of my boat and tie it off. Hope what I wrote makes sense to you.
  15. Just awesome my man.....you'll always remember your first. All the hard work has paid off mate!!! BTW who doesn't love a first cast fish of any species, especially a targeted species
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