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Reef Magic Update - This Season Charter Details

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Hi all,

Im finally back after a 6 week holiday with my wife visiting family in the UK. We had a great time but its good to be back in AUS... Damien my deckie has been keeping me informed with the fishing while i was away and it seems that the gamefishing has been very quiet and the weather average to say the least. He managed to get out fishing a couple of days while I was away scoring some good kings and sharks.

We have a crew from Fishraider fishing with us on the 8th of January out of Sydney and we will be then heading up to Port Stephens to fish for a few months. We can arrange a single days fishing with one nights accomodation starting from $360 per person based on a crew of 5.

We will also advertise a great deal for Fishraiders only for the trip up to the Port where we will leave Sydney very early then steam north then fish the rest of the way up the coast. If the conditions are good we will stop at a couple of spots we have and jig for kings including Texas reef on the way up.

The fishing should be hot up there this year with different options open. We can soft plastic & livebait for Mahi Mahi, jig the Allmark for kings or head out wide for marlin. Its just a great place the fish during the summer months.

Anyway hopefully we can get a few Fishraiders up there for some great action aboard Reef Magic.

Cheers Mike

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