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Trying To Find A Pflugger Trion Tournament 2 Piece


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Hi Austin,

According to Pure Fishing website the rod is still available in a 7ft 2in 2-5kg rod, two-piece.

Trion rods

You could also contact Pure Fishing and they may be able to give you a list of stores that have that rod in stock or one close to you, here's their contact details;

Pure Fishing Australia Pty Ltd

* PO Box 5199 Chittaway Bay, NSW 2261

* Phone 02 4351 7740

* Facsimile 02 4351 7741

* info@purefishing.com.au

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Thanks for the replies guys,

kingfisher I have seen the 2 piece at amazonoutdoors a couple of months ago but regretfully didn't pick one at the time, now they don't stock them anymore.

Fezza thanks for the tip, I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. Hopefully they have them and I'll pick up one for myself and kingfisher!!

Cheers again,


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