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Baby Kingy


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If i give more details you will all be more jealous than i already am! Kingky yes 2.5m of water, bigger were smashing baitfish in 1m of water!!, Dont know the weight as fish was released guestimate around 35+kilo. Have seen a 52 kilo fish and this is damn close, but as i said it wasnt put on the lie detector.

Fish was caught on a bridled gar :thumbup:

Reel trinidad 40N

rod Ian miller 37kg deep jig rod

Boys had been fishing for 10 days, Dave caught this in the three hours before stumps. Coffin Bay SA

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Well done on a fantastic fish mate!!!

I have fished SA and know the pain of going days upon days seeing these monsters, most of the time without them showing any interest. Then you have that short flurry of unbelievable action!

Well done and best of luck with your upcoming trips :thumbup:

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