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I've Reached My Bag Limit.

kiwi waynie

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Hi all,

Just a quick one, talk about tied hey. My latest and LAST a baby girl Grace was born ay 3:31am this morning.

She already has the nic name seriola as thats what i was on a trip away catchin when we learnt we were expecting. Oh well she already has somthing in common with her big sister cobes. Together with the two older boys its been a good session and time to wipe off the bait knife and do what needs to be done "ouch". Mum n bubs doin real well which means i'll be back out on the water soon "sweet" i'll be easy to spot up to my waist in the water tring to ease the pain.

Lata Raidas



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Congratulations on the new arrival mate. :thumbup: I have 4 and paid for 3 weddings in the last 3years,thank god my youngest(23) hasn't any planes yet as the first 3 nearly sent me broke! Just think you have all that ahead of you. START SAVING NOW. Their worth it as I'm sure you know.

Regards Jeff

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