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First On Plastic


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Hey all,

Its been a very long time since i have posted anything on here, due to uni and work issues. So i thought i would share a pic and a story from a few years back.I always loved flicking through the fishing mags and watching the dvd's and shows, so many people seemed to be using plastics and lures instead of bait, me being a fishing mental case wanted in on this kind of action. I went to nelson bay for about a week and everyday i got up at 5am and didnt come home till around 6pm when it started to get dark. I was determined to catch something on plastics, i tried for four days getting up at 5 and coming back at 6 with no luck. I seriously started to doubt the effectiveness of plastics, but my uncle suggested a spot where he had seen a few flatties............. second cast i got this one. I was over the moon and the bug of catching fish on plastics got worse after that day, ive caught only a few on them mostly flathead, but the thrill is always the same. Im now trying my luck with HB's for flathead, should be fun.

Anyways thanks for reading guys hope you all catch heaps and stay safe on the water.

Regards Reeseman.

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Good on ya matey for sticking it out, i also went many trips without fish then finally starting fishing the right spots and improving my technique and after my first fish i was stoked and hooked!! now i've become obsessed! and go fishing and every moment i can ahaha it's been great fun! :D

Congrats on your first flatty! there fantastic to learn plastics on, then soon enough you'll be hooking everything and anything :D

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