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Targeting Flounder


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Hi All.

I am hoping to gather some tips on fishing for flounder. My partner is obsessed with catching flathead but I have heard a rumor that there are plenty of other fish in the sea and would like to start trying to catch some of them - flounder being fist on my list.

The best advise I have received to date (from persons who shall remain nameless) is "just keep fishing for flathead and eventually you'll accidentally catch a flounder". However I'd like to be a little more proactive...

I'm currently fishing with soft plastics on a Shimano Sonic Pro 7 foot rod and a Shimano Sienna 2500 reel with 6lb Fins braid, 10lb flourocarbon leader and about 1/8th Jig head.

So far I have only really focused on flathead so my technique is to skip the lure along the bottom.

Any tips on technique, gear, or what to look for in a good flounder spot would be greatly appreciated!



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ive done lots of plastics fishing at forster and caught tonnes of flounder on plastics. By far the go to lure is the berkley shrimp (as small a size as possible). Unfortunately lots of other fish like this lure aswell so even if ur targetting flounder with it ur gonna get bream and definitely lots of flathead. All i can say is to increase ur chances of the flounder wud b 2 slow down ur retrieve a bit keeping it in contact with the bottom (they are a bit slower imo) and also targeting sandy areas. I tend to get flounder when its pure sand compared to flathead which hang around patches of weed and dropoffs.

The other option is to go spearing for them. They always go into the shallower water of lakes at night.

So in summary the person you spoke to is kinda right. Just use way smaller lures as flounder have a much smaller mouth and switch ur mindset to targetting flounder and all the flathead become bycatch.

gd luck :)

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Stefan is on the money with the gulp shrimp , flathead seem to love them but everything else 2.

i hav luck with natural and molted colours.

like stefan said slower seems to be better with flounder. when the lure is still for a extended period i seem to catch alot, only problem is they inhale the jighead right down


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