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Botany Bay (Stingray Bay)


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Hey all;

Headed out the other weekend with a couple young keen guys from work for a play in Botany Bay.. (they cracked the first beer at 7:00am). Tried first runway, nothing but a stingray (thought was a nice Flatty). Headed further out towards Kurnell, because looked like the winds werent coming in as early as predicted. C&R a flounder although legal and a couple small flathead, nice female crab (no eggs) that i let go also (look like full of water, let her breed) and of course another Stingray. Anchored elsewhere, with berly...Tadarrr Stingray and Banjo shark. My mate did have a good time catching the shark thou being his first one...

Later in the day dropped to nice (expected Bream) :ranting2::ranting2: So not my day...But the boys enjoyed the day and the case that went with it :beersmile: Unfortunately i was the DD :drool:

Whats doing with all the rays, never heard all caught that many.. Anyone else catching a few too?

post-15745-072217000 1288851109_thumb.jpg post-15745-098980300 1288851144_thumb.jpg

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put ur baits off the bottom. even 1 turn off the bottom and u will get way less rays as they are literally right on the bottom. Wen its stormy ur bait might b swaying off the current hence not on the bottom. When its calm, ur baits gonna be smack on the bottom for a ray to eat up.



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