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Wobby Beach/patonga/brooklyn


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Hi fishos,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me on this map where I can find some flathead for a feed this saturday arvo as I'm staying at wobby beach. Keep in mind i'll only have a 4.2 tinny.

As close to little wobby beach as possible would be great for the flatties, I will have the jew baits out from the wharf at night for the big jews.

I have no sounder so I don't know the depth. Will be fishing plastics and bait so sand in 5-10m of water is ideal.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: forgot pic

post-15931-034446900 1288934391_thumb.jpg

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Hey mate,

Try Dangar Island if u want flatties.

I also get flounder, bream, whiting, tailor, small snapper and crabs.

Great spot. U have to be very specific though where you fish. I find the area on the south point of the west side to be best. everywhere else seems pretty ordinary. As you said try wobby for jews:)) Just try the south west point for flatties, whiting, bream, tailor, snapper and crabs with prawns and nippers and your all good. Frozen prawns do the job really well.

post-14949-056683000 1288937356_thumb.jpg

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The flatties are all over that area... just drift around and you find them pretty easily. I haven't had much luck on the sand flats though, mostly on the channel edges.

There are reasonable bream in close to that beach.

There are lots of 45cm jews about 100 metres out from the beach. Haven't seen any big ones for a while - hope you find one ;)

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Thanks guys great info.

As I said I don't have a sounder (until Christmas!) any idea what kind of depths im looking at between wobby and dangar? or does it vary alot? sand/mud/weed bottom?

Hopefully I will have a good report for you all come Sunday night.

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yeah, variable depths... mostly sandy on your side, followed by a few weed beds before the main channel.

Between the dot on your map for Wobby Beach and Dangar Island... you have a small channel, then a big sand flat/spit. Max depth is about 7 metres, most of it is 3-5 metres. The sand flats are exposed at low tide - don't get beached here.

But.... if you don't head towards Dangar and instead head straight out from Wobby... (or even a 20 degrees more the other way, towards Broken Bay) you still have the small channel.. then you have some deeper holes.. then you have the main channel. You'll see the channel markers out there... 3 greens and a yellow I think... anyways, those holes go deep to about 23 metres and are about 20 metres in diameter... there are at least 2 of these holes there... if you're drifting you'll notice the depth change when your lines point straight down. Drop anchor here. The edges of these holes are where the 45cm jewies are living and they are hours of fun.

There are hardly any snags out there... so if you get one, be patient as half the time its a ray or something better holding the bottom.

I haven't found the tides matter much for the small jews here - maybe thats why I don't get the larger ones? The flatties are tide affected - they move up onto the sand flats just after low tide ends, as they are trying to beat the small fish who need to take cover up there at high tide. You can wait near the flats at low tide and they come to you... but I don't usually bother because drifting is almost as effective and I can't choose my times like you will be able to.

Being a mug fisherman I could be wrong on any of these points and would welcome someone knowledgeable speaking up on any of the above - thanks ;)

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