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Middle Harbour Bait Grounds


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Hey all,

was wondering if anyone could help me out. have been fishing the harbour for years and have no problem getting livies in the harbour proper. really enjoying fishing middle harbour latly but am not sure where to get any yakkas or squid in middle harbour. have been putting the boat in at tunks park and having to drive back into the main harbour for bait. was hoping someone could give me some advice on getting yakkas and squid in the middle harbour area to save the time and fuel traveling into the main harbour for bait.

Any advice greatly apeciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the info mate, are the yakkas usually busting up in the light or do you have to berly for them?

Thanks again


if they are there busting up in light you dont have to berley and you will still get hook up. but if you berley, they will go feeding frenzy and it is easier to catch yellowtails that way.

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