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Heya, the short answer is yes. Fly Fishing after dark for Trout is an excellent tactic especially for big Browns. The massive mudeye hatches that occur on a lot of our lakes occur at night and the banks of lakes like Eucumbene and Pedder have tonnes of guys fishing. In New Zealand the mighty Tongariro is fished after dark using glow in the dark style flies. A very famous streamer fly goes by the name of Craigs Nightime and just by that name you can see it was developed for a bit of after dark action.

It is a bit harder and you have to concentrate and work harder with your line management but its worth the effort. There is nothing like fishing at Eucumbene on a balmy summer evening with the stars out, frogs called and the sound of big swirling trout somewhere out there in the dark :thumbup:

Again though, I am not a Saltwater Fly Fisho (yet anyway) so someone else will have to answer that one but I can't see why it wouldn't be effective.



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Dear Jighead,

Flyfishing lakes at night.

Method 1:

Wet fly retrieve. Trick is to keep solid attachment during the retrieve.

Most times the fish will hook themselves if they have something solid the fly via the line is attached to.

Figure of eight retrive is the best. Takes a little time to learn but it is easy.

So many times I here of people who get hits but do not hook up. This is the usual reason.

Fish will hit hard and hook themselves or may be a very slow take. Just keep retrieving just the same till you feel the weight.

Look for likely structure after dark. Fence lines that run into the lake are a classic.

My favouraite flies are Mrs Simpson till you can just see to change flies without a torch and them red and black fuzzy wuzzy. But we all have our favourites.

Method 2:

Dry fly after dark.

Sometimes fish will rise before and after dark and will not touch a wet fly.

Pick a spot of rising fish and leave the fly still.

Trick is knowing which is your fly. Requires lots of concentration. Helps heaps if a good sunset and look to the west. Only strike when you are confident he has your fly.

Very frustrating when you lift off justbefore he got to it.

Takes a lot of practice to get right.

Adams, Harvy Favourite, Klinkhammer are favourites but you have to change when you get refusals.

Good luck,


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Ive got plenty of bream at night on fly, and a few bass long after dusk.

Who knows if they see or feel the fly move they attack it.

Prawns, crabs ect are all more active at night and the fish move

out of cover.

Anyway half you life is night time and thats a lot of fishing time

when no one else is about. Don't waste it get a head torch....

On second thoughts its cold and dark, strange things lurk in the water...

stay at home drink beer and watch TV... the flats are mine all mine Ha Ha Ha.

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