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  1. I have heard of a few people washed in collecting weed. I now ALWAYS wear PFD when I walk onto the rocks. It is like a seat belt in the car. You never know when it will be required and if required in this case will save your life. Great you got out of it alive and thanks for sharing. You could well have saved someelses life. Well done on sharing. Appreciated, Geoff
  2. Wwll done Rick. Looks lie they are coming in for Winter? Good sign for Central Coast.
  3. Great to hear you enjoying the Trout and that is a lovely Cod ( but aren't they all lovely). I have recently moved to the Coast ( Sussex Inlet) but have not ventured onto the Beach. I do love my rock Blackfishing but haven't found rock fishing spots I am comfortable with. I will keep looking. I must give the beach a go this Winter.
  4. Great report and well done with the photos. I will send a PM.
  5. Well done Bob, Down at Sussex Inlet we are having the last throw for EP's as well. The bass ate looking great.
  6. Great stuff Neill. It is lovely to get a delightful surprise.
  7. I loved the video and report. I also enjoy the North West especially the Mersey. You certainly had some good caddis hatches. I agree it it worth getting a guide. You learn so much even if its what rivers are fishing better and what flies. Great to see another Trout fly fisher and dry fly as well. This has been a great season in the Snowies and the Blue Mountains. We should touch base. Much Appreiated, Geoff
  8. Jason, That is fantastic you have got me inspired. I will try our our area. Thanks so much, Geoff
  9. James, That is a great effort. I admire your persistence, well done. Geoff
  10. Mike, Now you have had a taste of the fresh stuff could be time later to broaden horizons further? Well done on a new species and experience. Geoff
  11. These are stonking fish. Well done. Your on fire. We just have to get you some on Fly.
  12. well done "Solid Flatty". Great you had a good 15 min sesion.
  13. Great to see. My wife Evi is a wake up to the blurb about been given the best lure etc. Bob, We just have to defer to better skill. Geof
  14. Mike, Well done on finally getting a good fish. I tried to PM you and it said " Little Flatty could not receive Messages" PM if you can. Geoff
  15. Well done on getting some nice fish. Looks like you had a good time.
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