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Rig For Kingfish


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Hi Guys,

I'm looking forward to chase some kings around harbour. I don't have boat at this point so i'll be around Sydney North and harbour wharf to fish. I have 9ft rod and reel 30lb mono. My first time chasing king :D so i'll be really appreciate if you could give me some advices.

- Recommended rig

- Float or just with sinker

- Bait, most likely with Squid strip for now (until i know how to use live bait)

- Lure (I have metal spinner or just use bait)?



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can any landbased people help this kid?

mate im not very experienced with land based fishing but if i were going to have a try i would use a float or a baloon with a 1.5m leader and sinker to a 4/0-6/0 hoodlum hook. pinned through the top of a large fresh squid strip. unless your squid is fresh i would use live yellowtails, pinned about through the back, between the dorsal fin and the head, about 3mm deep. cast it off the wharfe about 15m out and wait for the kingys.

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i would start with a good berly trail[fine minced pillys in a berly pot] then catch your liveys and keep in a bucket with an airater give one a hair cut[remove part off side fine and tail fin the see through bit] and put out as mentioned above

but keep catching bait as every fish you hook and fight will send out destrese vibrations that will attract bigger preditors

this is called the food chain affect

ddo'nt be surprised if you bait catching rod gets smashed by a king there suckers for a peeled prawn on a small hook with no weight this is a good way to hook up when there a bit shy you may not land one but you will have a bit off fun

cheers gary

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