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Yamaha 75Hp


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Hi All

it has been about 6 months since last used although the motor is started weekly, motor is left in the down position always unless traveling, anyways packed up to go out on sat for a fish and wouldnt you know it the tilt will not return to down position although it is making all the correct and normal sounds it just does not move

does anyone have any ideas on where to start with this


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this may sound dumb but is the locking lever that holds motor up been released.....

does the ram on tilt/trim go in but motor stays up...

any oil leaks around tilt/trim ...

is battery charged enough to operate tilt etc...


Hey roosterman

Lock is removed, the motor was in the down position and it tilted up with no problems at all but when i hit the down key it made all the right sounds but the ram would not move there are no leaks and battery is full any other ideas?



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may sound silly but oil in arms(hydralic) may be low or gone,happen to me just refilled and was like new.:beersmile:

Hi Coasty1

Thanks for the suggestion I will try this, does the system need bleeding? and if there is no fluid left do you know where this has gone? there are no signs of any leaks what so ever



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