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Lures For Salmon Fishing From Kayaks - Advice


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Two mates and I have recently bought a kayak each and taking it out on the harbour last weekend I found out some of the advantages. We found a number of schools of Aussie Salmon working a particular area of the harbour and the kayaks did not spook them at all. In fact they kept on busting up and feeding around the kayak and even bumped into them at times. Sweeeeeet!!!!

The sour part was that we couldn't work out what they were feeding on. I was on soft plastics and one of my friends was on the fly rod with some flies in the size and shape of eyes. At the end of a number of hours following the schools I'd hooked up and landed one on a clear soft 3" minnow type plastic and had some follows on a clear 2" grub. My mate on the fly rod had not had a single hook up. I was expecting him to kill it. The other boat out there could not get a single take and gave up. My one other hit was on a deep diving YoZuri but I lost that fish.

Talked to someone else recently who suggested using small twisty type lures. Does anyone else have a suggestion as to what they might be feeding for at the moment and what lure I could use to replicate it?

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You might want to try some hard bodies.

OR some metals... seem to work pretty good... try halco twisty they're pretty good- are also good for bonnies, striped tuna, rat kingies and taylor.

Have you tried to troll the lures as opposed to sitting and casting them???... might be worth a try around the headlands.

Good luck



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