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Trailcraft Trailblazer Hardtop Completed


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The conversion is finally completed, the full screens make a massive difference.

Seems like heaps of extra room. and I now have a fantastic view all round the boat, can finally berth the boat without bump parking lol

post-15435-096244700 1289289321_thumb.jpg

post-15435-047922600 1289289121_thumb.jpg

post-15435-006744300 1289289245_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Onajewagain,

No more having the Bimini deteriorate, much better view, something to hold onto when going up front, no more leaks in rough weather, stronger,

more space, lowered the roof a little so I could reach the launchers, and most of all looks better.

Regards Nigel :thumbup:

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Had a friend weld the hardtop up for $2000 for mates rates, I painted it and my mate got a guy to put glass in for $900, so all up a bit over $3000.

Very happy with the job and the price considering I was up for a new Bimini anyway.

Regards Nigel

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If you dont mind me asking, how much extra weight is it on the boat & has it had any affect on balance of the boat in any way.

It looks fantastic would love to do the same to my trailcraft, couldnt agree more about crappy bimini leaking etc plus the fact your more protected from rain & sea spray while heading out in chop or swell.

Very nice mate very nice :thumbup:

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hey there Nigel that looks like it was part of the hull from new, excellent workman ship :thumbup: .... did it make any differance to the top weight of the boat

cheers john

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Thanks Guys,

We guesstimate the total weight around 70-80kg with glass, have been out in it about 6 times and have not noticed a difference in the handling of the boat at all. So far I have not had any conditions that have really tested it yet, no doubt that will come when the tuna season starts.

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