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Haha Im good thanks mate...Thanks for the welcome. Where are you from mate and what do you like chasin?

Im from sydney, and i like chasing heaps of things!

Girls, my nephews in the backyard, my jack russell terrier... etc! :074: lol

On a more serious note, I like chasing jews, bream, flatties, marlin, tuna

Im easy mate :icon_peace:


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Thanks for the welcome everyone....Love the bit about chasin girls matey haha. Looks like quite a few Sydney siders on here aye. Might have to post some of the beautiful Jack and Barra and reefies we get around here just to mix it up!! :thumbup:

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Be great to see some posts with some reefies it will give me some great memories of fishing the reefs out from Gladstone in the old De Havilland Trojan a couple of decades ago Hey

Cheers Iceman, will def post a few at mo other computer on onday. Thats where my pics are, got plenty of reefy photos.


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