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Gps Map Shift Error, Navman 5380


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G'day Fishraiders, I'm having a problem with my Navman 5380. It seems to have it's position permanently offset to the north west by about 400 metres. I have completed a factory reset, but it didn't help. The unit came with a boat I just bought, but there is no manual with it. General tracking is accurate, just always offset by the same amount.

Any ideas?



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Thanks Fryboy, the best I could come up with was to ensure the map map datum was correct, which it is at WGS-84, and to clear any map shift, however the offset is still there. Do the chart databases go out of date on these things requiring a subscription?

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Hey mate, all I could suggest is to follow what it says in the manual for a 'persistent offset' . It does say that 'some charts have consistent position errors' - sounds like you have one of those..

Map shift

Warning: Map shift is for eliminating minor

offsets. It should not be used if the correct

datum is available. Use map shift with caution:

incorrect application will cause incorrect boat


Some charts have consistent position errors. To

correct this, apply a map shift. After a map shift:

The positions of cartographic features (such

as land, rocks, buoys and depth contours)

move on the TRACKER chart display to

where they should be.

The positions of the boat, waypoints, tracks,

and lines of latitude and longitude on the

TRACKER chart display remain unchanged.

Applying a map shift

1 Move the boat to a known point on the

chart, for example a marina berth.

2 In the Chart setup menu, select Map


3 Move the cursor to the position on the chart

where the boat actually is.

4 Press and select Set.

5 Press to set the new map shift. The

boat will now be displayed at its actual


Clearing the map shift

Clearing the map shift removes any map shift

from the cartographic features on the TRACKER

chart display.

1 In the Chart setup menu, select Map


2 Press and select Clear.

3 Press .

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