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Basin Thurs/fri


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Just got back from fishing in the basin sadly no photos as i was having camera problems turned out to be the memory card.

We decided to fish what i now call Roys lagoon as it didnt have a name on the way to our accomadation.My mate hadnt caught

a flatty on a pencil before and it didnt take him long to have a 52cm model on in 2 feet of water.Was released to fight

another day.Decided to put on my favourite one eyed nw penciland i preceded to bring in 2 mid 40 flattys things were

looking good.Then i caught 2 nice whiting up towards the 40cm mark.They are fast becoming my favourite fish to catch.They

put up a great fight with huge runs.

Booked into our accomadation and thomo got catch of the day a treble into the finger bone.The marias make lovely finger jewelry.

After much yanking he got it out and no trip to the docs.Went for a quick chuck in the river and what looked like being

a donut turned into what i thought was a huge whiting ended up being a tailor and with 4lb flouro leader goneski to my

favourite nw pencil after 4 aerial leaps.

Up at the crack of dawn and into the basin proper for more wading.This time waste deep and it was slow.Took a fair while but

we finally found a few whiting and once again they were all quality cant seem to catch any small ones on the pencils.

Back for a quick brekky then back to Roys lagoon.Water was super clear and it was tough brilliant sun and spooky fish in 2 ft

of water.A couple more flattys and a few more whiting then time to go home.In all a succesful trip but the fish seemed to be

harder to come by than i hoped maybe i have such high expectations of the basin.Cant wait to return.


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Nasty bit of finger action going on there. I would have called for an ambo just before fainting. Self-removal and no medical attention, he is tough as nails.

Sounds like some nice fish caught there at Roy's. Nothing better than a bit of prospecting.

Good stuff.


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