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Day At Box Head


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Howdy all,took my son out of school early friday afternoon and went out to try lion island was out about 1 hour and only scored one flatty just on size limit,then slowly made our way across back to little box and box head ,found a nice spot tucked in away from howling NW wind,we hadnt had a pleep on the finder the hole time around lion but this spot it was showing some decent sums of various size fish so was pleased,.My son scored a taylor which was released.his first ever,then he scored three small flattys I also got one,then on a small rod had a great fight with a solid Trev,was running and the fight was great,then my son also after i hooked reeled in another Trevally,after a nice little fight for him,any way was a cracking day out and was spewing about leaving as the water had smoothed and the wind eased,but the misses was calling..

post-15583-079980100 1289604088_thumb.jpg

post-15583-007016400 1289604340_thumb.jpg

post-15583-013108100 1289604383_thumb.jpg

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