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Snapper Off Peel Island

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Hi Guys,

Went out to do a bit of fishing early this mornig near Peel Island. Fishing the shallow reef and drop off.

I fished from 6-9am with 4 Snapper/squire from 37-46cm. ANd also lots of smaller one aound 30cm. Ther are also some 35cm Tailors being caught as well. It is good to spend a couple hours in moring as Ken mentioned" Pre-Breaky" session :thumbup:

I rekon these guys are good fun are 2-4kg tackle :)

The lure used today was using smaller bait like Grass Minnows M and Pad Tue ( people seems to forgot them already :1prop: )

The biggest two are caught on Pad Tue new colour 110 pumkin copper and 066 marsh schrimp. Fish seems to love it.....it has no chance to drop to the bottom everytime I cast :biggrin2: Well...

Here is the photo of average Snapper caught today


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Nice fish Tony. Just wondering what sort of jighead you rig the Pad Tue on? I have used them with regular Squidgy finesse heads, but it sems they might look better on a tube head jig, with the lead inside the hollow body?



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