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:1yikes: .Well headed out the heads this morning around 645am as we passed chinamans reef at sth head, we saw a boat about 4.8 in length come round the corner surfing a wave within 25m of the point harbour side! wernt sure if they were trolling lol. How in gods name they didnt hit the reef is beyond me. They then proceeded to pass astern of another boat with lines out the back within 15m. Now for starters i wouldnt have gone to their rescue if any thing did happen due to stupidity and if i was on the other boat i would have thrown something at them due to courtesy. So my question is am i losing it or is this a natural thought :thumbup::05::beersmile: . Please help.
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Mate you see half wits out there every day. I can't count how many times we have had to describe a person out loud for cutting across our stern when trolling.:ranting2: As for coming close to the reef when I used to fish with my brother he would go in very close there on our way outside and scare the hell out of me. He had his boat moored in Watsons Bay and fished 4 days a week heading out before light and dragging Christmas trees all the way to Bondi murk hugging the rock wash all the way. He had 30 years experience along this stretch. Theirs no way I would take my boat that close and I have been in his boat more times than I can remember but still I was not confident in remembering exactly where all the traps were. :wacko: If you are aware of all the submerged rocks and platforms and know your boat these areas are the most productive for Bonito.

Regards Jeff

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