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Hawkesbury Classic


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Hi guys ,couldnt fish the classic this year or make the weigh-in.Just curious to know who won it and what was caught?

Hey numbnuts . . . I love your tagline . . .

I heard a jew weighing just under 14kg took out the main prize, followed closely by another at over 13kg.

But only believe half of what you hear . . .

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fished the classic in very hot conditions,only managed a pike eel,40cm flattie,stingray and a shovel nose ray.winner was a 13.7 kg jew followed by a 12.8 kg jew followed by a 5 kg jew,biggest flattie was 2.5 kg.better tides this year but considering last years winner was a 17 kg jew the fish just wernt out still had fun

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I fished it .

& Yes winner was 13 . 7 Kg Jew .

Had a rather dissapointing weekend with boat problems . All up 6 trips there and back from Penrith to Patonga Getting boats fixed & then eventually swapped:ranting2: ]

Bad luck for the weekend . But my mate that came with us in the comp ended up winning the lucky door prize . He was absolutely speechless about winning the boat as you would . :yahoo:

Cheers , Rhys :1fishing1:

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